About Myrtlewood


Thanks for stopping by! My name is Sarah and I live in Nashville, TN with my Husband and darling daughter, Haddie Joy! We have two pups named Max and Ruby. You’ll hear me talk a lot about Haddie, and thats because she is our biggest joy, and greatest gift. She is the whole reason for the start of Myrtlewood. In fact her name roots from the biblical name Esther, who’s Hebrew name was Hadassah. The name Hadassah means compassion, and Esther’s Hebrew meaning is myrtle tree and ruler of the house.


The start of 2018 was a rough one in our home. My husband got really sick on our Christmas cruise in 2017 and that lasted for over two months with some lingering chest issues in to the new year. And then right after he got better Haddie got pretty sick with some allergies she’s never had before. I went to our peditrition and she gave us some medicine for her. Then she brought up things like toxic cleaning products and scents that may be around the house and how all these things are bad for us. She even mentioned clothing, and how I should look into organic clothing for Haddie. I remember being so overwhelmed getting back into the car and calling my husband and just crying. I felt so guilty that this was all my fault. I could have prevented this from happening to Haddie. I was so uninformed about all of this. So after I collected myself I took a deep dive into the internet and researched all I could find on toxic products, clean living, organic materials, and organic food choices to help with allergies. It was a whole new world to me. But after all my research the Parker house has been making better and healthier changes to a sustainable future for our family! Slowly but surly our home is becoming more clean each day! If I can do it you for sure can do it!

After switching to non toxic all natural cleaning products I started leaning about waste and more so how much waste we produce into the landfills each year and needless to say my mind was blown! And thus birthed Myrtlewood Unpaper Towels! I wanted to do my part and start by cutting the waste of the single use papertowles in our home. I was cleaning like crazy after Haddie got real sick so the waste I was producing on paper towels alone was frightening. I took a simple step to change out that in my home and created Organic Unpaper Towels. Instead of throwing it away after cleaning I now throw it in a dirty hamper to be cleaned in the next wash load! 


When creating these I wanted to still have a modern look that didn’t take away from my homes style. So I ordered some organic flannel and went to my sewing machine! After I had my Unpaper Towels I needed something to put them in. I went to my dad with an idea of this wooden box and he built it with his own two hands and blew my mind with the quality of product he made! So I asked him to do this with me! And just like that together we are making a difference and I wouldn’t want it any other way. This change is so simple and yet makes such a lasting impact for our environment. So join with me in making the switch to Myrtlewood Unpaper Towels!